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Rent a Lift

Ladder truck hire up to 32 meters with an operator.

  • To move a "DIY" Serrani Removals Milan rent vans with drivers and / or ladder truck with operator can be up to Mt. 32 in height.
  • Before you determine which lift will be most suitable for the removal of furniture or for the handling of materials for building, testing Serrani Removals Milan the logistics.
  • Serrani Removals Milan will where necessary to request and obtain authorizations for occupation of public property, taking care to position correctly the signs of forcible removal with no parking.
  • If necessary we can provide crews loading and unloading.
  • Milan Serrani Removals provides removals insurance coverage for your complete (transport, RCT / RCO, accidents, etc.)..

R e m o v a l s

I n s u r a n c e

R e n t a L i f t

Well what are you waiting to ask for a quote is free and without obligation.

ASTRO Removals by Serrani Samuel - 26/B, Fiume St. - 20094 Corsico (Milan) - IVA n 06557340962 - Albo Trasportatori n MI 0877313F
Phone +39.02.447.9115 +39.02.415.9882 +39.335.565.3216 - Fax +39.02.440.5467 - For further informations or price

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