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A clear agreement with the customer

Serrani Removals Milan signing for you and your interest in insurance policies (transport, RCT / RCO, accidents, etc..) Top Insurance Companies for reliability and safe 'in case of damage to your furniture during the move.

We are also insured for any damage caused inside your apartment and the facade of the building.

R e m o v a l s

I n s u r a n c e

R e n t a L i f t

Well what are you waiting to ask for a quote is free and without obligation.

ASTRO Removals by Serrani Samuel - 26/B, Fiume St. - 20094 Corsico (Milan) - IVA n 06557340962 - Albo Trasportatori n MI 0877313F
Phone +39.02.447.9115 +39.02.415.9882 +39.335.565.3216 - Fax +39.02.440.5467 - For further informations or price

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